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DeFi Swap statistics

Trading volume 1
Rank 343
Trust score 4/10
Year established

New markets

 Aave Aave aave/weth $1.62 15 days ago
 REN REN ren/weth $45.62 15 days ago
 Dai Dai dai/usdt $1.65 14 days ago
 USD Coin USD Coin usdc/usdt $6.50 14 days ago
 Chainlink Chainlink link/usdt $7,976.56 14 days ago

All markets (14)

Coin Price Pair Volume Action Trust score
 Chainlink Chainlink $6.08 LINK/USDT $7,976.56 Trade
 USD Coin USD Coin $1.0 USDC/WETH $1,320.31 Trade
 UMA UMA $1.43 UMA/WETH $600.11 Trade
 Compound Compound $37.41 COMP/WETH $563.17 Trade
 Chainlink Chainlink $6.08 LINK/WETH $370.31 Trade
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About (DeFi Swap)

DeFi Swap: Swap and Farm DeFi Tokens with

DeFi Swap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform powered by It enables users to swap and farm DeFi tokens effortlessly. DeFi Swap provides a user-friendly interface for exchanging tokens and participating in liquidity pools to earn yield.

How to Use DeFi Swap: A step-by-step guide to swap and farm DeFi tokens:

  1. Connect your wallet: Visit the DeFi Swap website and connect a compatible wallet, such as MetaMask or WalletConnect, to interact with the platform.

  2. Select tokens: Choose the tokens you want to swap, input the amount, and review the estimated fees and rates.

  3. Confirm the swap: Click the "Swap" button and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

  4. Provide liquidity: To farm DeFi tokens, join a liquidity pool by providing an equal value of both tokens in the pool. This will earn you LP tokens.

  5. Stake LP tokens: Stake your LP tokens in the corresponding pool to start earning yield.

Pros and Cons of DeFi Swap:


  • User-friendly platform for swapping and farming DeFi tokens
  • Powered by the reputable ecosystem
  • Provides access to various liquidity pools


  • Subject to risks associated with DeFi, such as impermanent loss
  • May have a learning curve for users new to DeFi

Before using DeFi Swap, ensure you conduct thorough research (DYOR) to make informed decisions and minimize risks. Good luck, and happy swapping!