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Orca statistics

Trading volume 271
Rank 91
Trust score 6/10
Year established

New markets

 DUST Protocol DUST Protocol dust/usdc $8,048.31 1 month ago
 UXD Stablecoin UXD Stablecoin uxd/usdc $14,114.39 21 days ago
 Rollbit Coin Rollbit Coin rlb/usdc $74,307.00 21 days ago
 Lido Staked SOL Lido Staked SOL stsol/usdc $166,354.00 21 days ago
 USD Coin USD Coin usdc/usdt $78,233.00 16 days ago

All markets (35)

Coin Price Pair Volume Action Trust score
 Lido Staked SOL Lido Staked SOL $20.7 STSOL/USDC $166,354.00 Trade
 Marinade staked SOL Marinade staked SOL $20.82 MSOL/USDC $122,853.00 Trade
 Lido Staked SOL Lido Staked SOL $20.7 STSOL/MSOL $111,483.00 Trade
 USD Coin USD Coin $1.0 USDC/USDT $78,233.00 Trade
 Rollbit Coin Rollbit Coin $0.142894 RLB/USDC $74,307.00 Trade
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