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 SmarDex (Polygon)

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SmarDex (Polygon) statistics

Trading volume 0
Rank 120
Trust score 6/10
Country Switzerland
Year established 2023

New markets

 SmarDex SmarDex sdex/usdc $1,321.36 1 month ago
 SmarDex SmarDex sdex/weth $476.48 24 days ago

All markets (2)

Coin Price Pair Volume Action Trust score
 SmarDex SmarDex $0.00930109 SDEX/USDC $1,321.36 Trade
 SmarDex SmarDex $0.00930109 SDEX/WETH $476.48 Trade
2 of 2 results

About (SmarDex (Polygon))

SMARDEX is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that addresses the issue of Impermanent Loss (IL) and in some cases transforms it into Impermanent Gain (IG). It is an open-source Smart Contract, which is a decentralized software that runs on compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchains.