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 Tomb Swap (Fantom)

Tomb Swap (Fantom) exchange

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Tomb Swap (Fantom) statistics

Trading volume 1
Rank 460
Trust score 2/10
Year established

New markets

 Tomb Shares Tomb Shares tshare/tomb $1,239.62 1 month ago
 Tomb Tomb tomb/usdc $18.16 1 month ago

All markets (3)

Coin Price Pair Volume Action Trust score
 Tomb Shares Tomb Shares $32.5 TSHARE/USDC $1,985.17 Trade
 Tomb Shares Tomb Shares $32.5 TSHARE/TOMB $1,239.62 Trade
 Tomb Tomb $0.00452055 TOMB/USDC $18.16 Trade
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