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Wigoswap exchange

18 markets

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Wigoswap statistics

Trading volume 13
Rank 163
Trust score 5/10
Year established 2022

Highest volume markets

 Solidly solid/wigo Solidly $23,408.00
 USD Coin usdc/dai USD Coin $2.69
 USD Coin usdc/usdt USD Coin $388.66
 Wrapped Fantom wftm/dai Wrapped Fantom $11,994.37
 Curve DAO Token crv/wftm Curve DAO Token $1,888.57

WigoSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and also a platform for staking, farming, buying and selling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Making use of our DeFi protocols, users are able to provide the DEX with liquidity, trade various assets in a decentralized manner, and benefit from the rewards allocated to the adopters. Taking into consideration the deficiencies inherent in the existing solutions, WigoSwap aims to reshape the DeFi solutions emphasizing their adequate functioning. Furthermore, the platform keeps an eye on guiding the liquidity provided by the users to yield in a more positive way.