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CoinScouts FAQ

CoinScouts is the world's largest community-powered crypto database. We provide crypto traders with all of the information they need to scout for new projects & DYOR with just a few clicks!

We believe that most crypto traders are still insufficiently educated to make major financial decisions. Why else do many people still rely on friends and YouTube/Twitter crypto influencers to find new crypto coins or tokens to invest in? The issue with jumping on the bandwagon and investing in random "hidden gems" is that people blame each other the moment prices go down. Another side effect of delegating the responsibility to DYOR to others is that people are more easily duped into investing in outright scam projects. We made CoinScouts so that traders will make better informed decisions. How do we do this? We reward our users for constantly updating and expanding the CoinScouts database. With the help of said users, traders can then explore the world of crypto as quickly and easily as never before, doing their own DYOR with just a few clicks.

We hope to financially reward our users for their contributions to our crypto database in the long run by rewarding them with our native CoinScouts token. For the time being, however, we host CoinScouts' Weekly Leaderboard Tournament to financially compensate our users for their efforts!

How does it work? Contribute to our crypto database, earn CoinScouts points, and win $BUSD

Start: Every Monday 00:00:00 UTC time
End: Every Sunday 23:59:59 UTC time

The top 5 CoinScouts members will split $100 between them as follows
#1: $30
#2: $25
#3: 20
#4: 15
#5: 10

You can earn CoinScouts points by
Editing coins
Adding new coins
Adding influencers
Adding funds/VCs
Adding auditors
Posting on the CoinScouts forum
Liking a crypto project
Visiting CoinScouts 7 days in a row
Referring friends to CoinScouts

More info
More info on how to earn CoinScouts points HERE
Leaderboard can be found HERE
Make your CoinScouts account HERE

That's easy! To submit a new coin or token, click on “Add new coin” found below every page. We do want to make certain that our database only lists promising crypto projects. As such, any newly added coin will require 100 votes from the community within one week in order to remain in our database.

On every coin page, you will find a big edit button redirecting you to a page to update said coin's stats.

You can! Learn more about promoting your business on CoinScouts HERE

At the moment we do not have any special partnership program. However, we're always interested in hearing new ideas! You may contact us using our contact form. Please include a detailed description of your proposal, and we'll revert back to you asap.