# 1 What is CoinScouts?

CoinScouts is the world's most powerful crypto database. We provide crypto traders with all of the information they need. Traders can now scout for new coins/tokens to invest in and do their own research with just a few clicks. In the near future, we also aspire to be a powerful analytics platform providing macro-level analyses, empowering traders with their top-down investing strategies.

# 2 Why did you launch CoinScouts?

Most large crypto databases (CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, among others) have the mission of empowering traders. Traders often use their price charts to keep track of their portfolio tokens’ price movements. Traders also use these databases to navigate through the vast and ever changing crypto landscape. This is where we can help. We believe crypto traders still feel lost. Why else do many still rely heavily on friends and YouTube/Twitter crypto influencers in their quest of finding new crypto coins or tokens to invest in. Many do a great job sifting through websites/whitepapers/socials. The problem with this, however, is that it only exposes these traders to the coins that are popular among friends and influencers. We made CoinScouts to truly empower traders. Our database is not only meant to keep track of coins/tokens already known to users, but also to expand their horizon. With CoinScouts, traders can now explore the world of crypto as quickly and easily as never before.

# 3 How can we get listed on CoinScouts?

That's easy! To submit a new coin or token, click on “Add new coin” found below every page.

# 4 How do I update outdated information about my coin?

On every coin page, you will find a big edit button redirecting you to a page to update said coin's stats.

# 5 Can I advertise on CoinScouts?

You can! Learn more about promoting your business on CoinScouts HERE

# 6 Are there any partnership programs?

At the moment we do not have any special partnership program. However, we're always interested in hearing new ideas! You may contact us here. Please include a detailed description of the proposal in your email.