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Coin Page Explained

A basic explanation for new users


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2022/01/27 21:40:28

In our previous article, we discussed why and for whom CoinScouts was created. TLDR: CoinScouts was created for cryptocurrency traders. These traders can use our unique search filters to find new tokens and coins in just a few clicks while conducting research. This article delves deeper into the coin page. After all, what happens after you’ve found a coin or token that meets your requirements?

Coin Page Structure

The first thing you'll notice when you arrive at a coin page is that we keep things simple and straightforward. As traders, we were also put off by the jumbled information on the pages of other crypto databases. It was always a matter of figuring out where you could find the information you needed. Furthermore, the information you didn't need was repeated endlessly!

Our coin page, on the other hand, begins with a summary of the most important information you'll need to know when you discover a new coin/token. In other words, the price, market cap rank, social media popularity, and a brief description of the project! We provide links to the website as well as contract addresses (per blockchain) in case you already want to ape in. Of course, we recommend you do a little bit more research and there's no better place to start than our coin page.

PS: remember to vote for your favorite projects in case you’ve already done your research. You can do this at the top of the coin page. By voting on your favorite projects, they will rank higher when sorted by popularity! In addition, the most popular ones are displayed at the very bottom of each coin page. As you can see, voting matters!

To vote, you must first log in. Don’t have a CoinScouts account yet? You can register here!

On the left side of our midsection, you'll find the project's price chart. We also display the exchanges on which the project is traded, as well as the trading pairs and volumes.

On the right, you can see the project's most important qualitative metrics:
The use case(s) of a project;
Background information on the team (location of the team, size of the team, year of origin, audit status, and which institutional buyers invested in the project);
Hype, i.e. which influencers wrote or talked favorably about this project.

Essentially, you will find a summary of all the qualitative metrics that led you to this token if you had used the filters on our homepage. Are important metrics missing? Contribute to our community-powered crypto database and fill in the blanks! You can do this by clicking on the + sign after each of the variables.

Bottom section
You will then see the most recent project news, as well as a list of upcoming events, on the left side of the coin page's bottom section. There’s no more need to Google for the latest news and events for each of your (future) portfolio allocations. Just come to CoinScouts. You’ll be up to speed in just 5 minutes!

The project's main quantitative metrics can be found on the right. This way, you gain maximum knowledge with the least amount of effort! If you want to delve deeper into the quantitative data, click the "Show more" button. This will display a myriad of additional tokenomics!

Unique feature
You may have noticed that we skipped a feature on the coin page. This one is so unique that we want to delve deeper into it here. The feature in question is "similar projects."

It appears to be a given. All you have to do is search for movies or music, and similar titles and artists will be suggested. Nonetheless, in crypto, this feature is a first. The reason is obvious: projects were classified too broadly. Because we categorize crypto projects with more specific use-case tags, comparing projects has suddenly become much more sensible. So go ahead and give it a try! Do you hodl a token and are you looking for similar projects?
You'll find them right here! Are you, on the other hand, pessimistic about a project's chances? Examine similar projects to see how they are faring. This is the CoinScouts way of doing your own research!

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