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Blockchain and Crypto Influencers Blacklist

Which cryptocurrency influencers should traders be wary of?


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2022/01/13 03:57:53

Which cryptocurrency influencer(s) should traders stay away from? Share and debate your opinions with the other CoinScouters!

As always, please also explain why you believe that's the case.


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2022/11/28 08:49:00

Elon Musk XD


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2022/11/28 11:57:02

Hah! Here comes my wall of shame:

**Sam Bankman-Fried **

Illegally appropriated FTX users' deposits to save Alameda Research, bankrupting the exchange and losing all users' funds in the process.

Do Kwon

His company was responsible for a $60 billion cryptocurrency crash. Did he fail or commit fraud? People had already warned him about Terra's tokenomics, so I'm inclined to believe the latter.

Su Zhu
Funds and crypto projects entrusted their funds to a guy who apparently did not know the meaning of risk management himself.

**Lark Davis **

Allegedly dumps tokens 5 minutes after he promotes them
Sauce: https://twitter.com/zachxbt/status/1575494380072611847

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