Crypto year 2021 in a nutshell!

Interesting stats and facts about the year 2021


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2021/12/29 11:28:39

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  • Metaverse and smart contract chains were the best performing crypto assets in 2021.

  • The correlation between coin performance has weakened.

  • Volatility is also decreasing (China was main cause)

  • DeFi's popularity has surged. ETH's market share has shrunk. Also as a result of increasing gas prices. To meet user demand, EVM compliant environments stepped in and became the standard.

  • Layer 2's lag in activity still

  • 2021 ETH staked on the newly launched Beacon Chain grew 8-fold to over 8M ETH, in expectation of the transition to PoS.

  • PoS will soon become the de facto standard.

  • Web3 is becoming popular. However, it is still connected with cryptocurrency.

  • People prefer meme currencies, and almost no one considers fully diluted valuation.

  • Metamask's user base has been multiplied by ten times in terms of MAUs.

- Number of DeFi hacks increased in 2021
- WBTC on Ethereum continues to dominate the market for wrapped Bitcoin, which is mostly utilized for yield rather than transactions.
- DEXs and industry leader Uniswap are still alive and well. Uniswap v3 is inventive, yet it is still primarily utilized by whales.
- Significant rise in stablecoins. Algorithms are becoming more mature–but have yet to be tested in a bear.
- Lending protocols are lagging in terms of growth.
- Finally, you can't look at DeFi in 2021 without noticing the continued rise of Curve and Convex. These are the two protocols paving the way for "useful" governance tokens.

- In 2021, the revenue from sold NFTs skyrocketed.
- NFT marketplaces are sprouting up on several chains.
- The average price of NFTs changing hands increased from less than 0.1 ETH to almost 15 ETH.
- 2021 also popularized the concepts of play to earn (p2E) and GameFi.

  • Funding for cryptocurrency initiatives has hit new highs.

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